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Value Units are decentralized, digital value units that are backed with gold.

Due to the latest developments in the global foreign exchange market, the right time is now to ask ourselves whether our global financial system fits into today's fast-paced digital development of the payment and value processors. The interest rate policy as well as the various currencies seem to move us into political and financial crises. The founders and creators of ideas are experts in the financial sector and have long recognized this problem. For these and other reasons, our ideology symbolizes the creation of political, geographical and bank-independent value units, so-called Value Units.

The value units are subject to a strict credit: value units can only be acquired in exchange for physical precious metals, whereby our partners support the change from fiat to precious metals. The exception is a minimum percentage of free-mining value units. Certificates are issued by authorities for each emission and thus serve as a key to the secure, decentralized value protection of blockchain. Value Units combine the advantages of blockchain technology with the protection of the physical precious metals in a hybrid system. Furthermore, the Value basket (value basket) is authenticated at regular intervals by notaries and verified by means of various certificates. Each value unit owner is always the owner of his own precious metals and can claim them at any time.

Past events have continually shaken the confidence of the population in banks and financial markets. Only the certainty of regular notarial authentications creates enough confidence in a new value system. This is the reason why it is a core process of value units. The certifications are accessible for all users and can therefore be called up at any time.

The anonymity in a blockchain is problematic because of the transparent and incomprehensible processes, because these anonymous systems create false incentives. Value Units ensure anonymity of our closed blockchain, but the users are identified and protected by means of authorized verification sites. Thus, our advanced blockchain technology is an interesting alternative to the existing systems. Value Units is also a customer-friendly version of the existing, rather complex blockchain systems. The use is possible in the majority of all terminals.

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Three different certificates represent the security in the value units blockchain. They can be generated and confirmed exclusively by issuers and authorized bodies, such as precious metal sellers, trading platforms and notaries. As a result, the value units newly issued on the market are subject to extensive audits by prestigious precious metal companies and notaries.

If new value units are sold on the market, three different certificates need to be available for these value units to become valid. The first so-called POPM (proof of precious metals) certificate is generated by the precious metals trader as soon as he has booked a valid payment receipt from the customer. When the newly acquired physical precious metals are stored, the second so-called POD (proof of deposit) certificate is issued by the storage company. In the following, both certificates are tested by the issuer, the VUF Limited, and the third certificate, the POE (proof of emission), is generated. In conclusion, the notary verifies the securely stored quantity and authenticity of the precious metals. This means that an unauthorized action is excluded and the corresponding value units are valid and freely tradable on the market.

Support the natural evolution of cryptocurrencies.
Decentralized, digital value units that are backed with precious metals!
Whitepaper (English)
Concept and documentation of Value Units.
Source Code (English)
Source code of all Value Units components (Wallet, Node, etc.)
vWallet (Windows x64)
Wallet (vWallet) for Windows x64.
vWallet (Windows x86)
Wallet (vWallet) for Windows x86.
vWallet (Mac OSX x64)
Wallet (vWallet) for Mac OSX x64.
vWallet (Ubuntu x64)
Wallet (vWallet) for Ubuntu x64.
Begutachtung der Edelmetallen (28.03.2018)
Public Deed relating certification of packaged precious metals (German).
Certification of Precious Metals (28.03.2018)
Public Deed relating certification of packaged precious metals.

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